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On farm volunteers 12/17/11December 17, we had our first farm volunteer workday. It was a perfect day that began with a slight downpour for just a couple minutes and continued with an umbrella of clouds that shaded 10 volunteers who cleared about a 30×50 sq.ft. area. of elephant grass. The amazing team effort of our generous volunteers was an experiment in what can be accomplished with simple hand tools and sweat equity. Big mahalo to our volunteers for their generous hard work during the season of giving. We will now be holding regular volunteer days. Contact us at or call us at 389-1819 to sign up.


  • Peter says:

    :-) Wow. I am in awe of LEAFs wonderful vision and would love to make a generous donation. As a former professor in environmental studies here in Honolulu, I have many good friends who teach at nearby schools, such as Nuuanu Elementary School, Mayor John H Wilson Elementary School, Manoa Elementary School, and more! I can help coordinate field trips and sponsorships to help educate our young children (especially those in need) about sustainability living. I can also help setup initiatives to spread the word in various media outlets regarding new ways to preserve Hawaii’s sacred land. I’m sure we can form some wonderful partnerships together!! it would bring me great pleasure to support and donate to this beautiful cause in any way I can. From Hawaii’s education systems, land preservation systems, to it’s food systems. There is a whole lot of improvements that can still be made! As a proud owner of sustainable restaurants in both Colorado and Chicago I love to incorporate sustainable education into our restaurants, for example each of our restaurants feature wonderful wall gardens nested at each of the entrances, these beautiful entrances help educate people on sustainability, they love it! They share it on social media, talk about it to their friends, and the word is out! Sustainable living and proper care of mother nature means the world to me and I’m sure there is a lot we can accomplish together. Please get in touch. My name is Peter and you can contact me at my email address:

  • david says:

    Aloha Peter
    Somehow or other your message comment was not seen until now.Please contact us directly at

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