Update on IHS Urban Garden

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 The dedicated garden keepers at the IHS urban garden keep a watchful eye on the plants to make sure they stay healthy and are growing  nicely at all stages of their life cycle.

Gordon, Ashley and Cynthia tending the garden


healthy harvest

a healthy harvest of papaya, radishes, cucumbers, carrots, cilantro, basil


Ashley, "the girl with the green thumb"


Ashley is LEAF’s new garden assistant. She ensures there is always new seedling production at the seedling staging area, cleans any rubbish that blows in,  harvests the continuous bounty of edibles, and replants new ones.  She also keeps a supply of home garden gift kits onhand to offer any interested  families and individuals as they transition into new housing. The seedling staging  area was designed by Gordon, complete with shelves that hold enough seedlings to provide for both the edible ground landscape and vertical walls. Gordon created a very nice watering system for the seedlings, just like you see in the produce section of the grocery store, which sprays a fine mist set on a timer.  He and his assistant, Jozer, recently installed an above ground sprinkler in the cage garden, which will save on water usage. He plans to extend that to the entire ground area. Gordon is da man!

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