LEAF Organic Farming Training Course begins November 12- December 21, 2012

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LEAF Project is about to begin another LEAF Aina Corps Organic Farming Training Program with unemployed clients looking for work in the organic farming industry. The goal of the training is to qualify the individual as an industry-recognized organic farmer. Some of the lessons include how to design a practical organic permaculture farm design, soil fertility – how to create the best soil possible for healthy plants, organic pest mgmt., introduction to organic farming, irrigation, crop planning and production, and the miracle of seeds and seed banks. Also, how and when to harvest, growing tropical fruits, nuts, spices, herbs, flowers and medicinal plants, beekeeping, animal husbandry – in particular oxen-training, procedures required in farm organic certification, and all aspects of running a successful organic farm business – record keeping, taxes, banking, managing employees, etc.

Training begins November 12 and runs for 6 weeks, through December 21, and will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-5 pm. Scholarships are available if you are unemployed or underemployed. Contact us at 389-1819 or leafhawaii@gmail.com for more information.

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