Become a partner in solving hunger and poverty.


 Where there is land, seed, sunshine, water, and compassion, there is the ability to grow food.

 This simple solution is just waiting to become a reality.

     What is the difficulty?

Contact us today and become part of  the soul, in soul-ution!

Here are some of the things you can do to help this wonderful project. Your talents and expertise can help LEAF Project with the capacity fo fulfill its vision to end poverty and hunger in Hawaii.  Everyone is endowed with a unique skill set of gifts to offer.

  • Native Hawaiian practitioners can pass on their knowledge of cultural practices that foster self-sufficiency and proper care of the land, water, and sea, etc.
  • teachers and students can participate in ‘farm to school’ gardens
  • Farmers can become a sponsor, of a ‘farm to institution initiative’, with LEAF and our target population
  • MBA’s and other Business professionals can become ‘barefoot MBA’s’ in LEAF’s partnership with other farmers, to revitalize local food production.
  • Experienced native taro and other native crop farmers can pass on their knowledge to others, especially the youth
  • Government leaders can help guarantee legislation that will benefit local food security initiatives
  • Farmers can become more eco-friendly and community-based in their management of land and natural resources
  • Green movement advocates can help enlighten and educate the public  with their knowledge
  • Green artisan entrepreneurs can help introduce value-added product small businesses to teach and benefit  communities
  • Partner with LEAF to sponsor a  garden in your community
  • Become a Master Gardener yourself and help begin a community garden in your area
  • Assist us in Eco-friendly video and film  productions to help create more awareness and educate the community
  • Become a leader in  whatever is  your field in practical action with LEAF in helping end poverty and hunger

If you would like, you can also

Donate today to LEAF Project Hawaii!