Mahatma Gandhi, so eloquently stated, “The earth provides enough for everyone’s need, not everyone’s greed.”

“Today, Hawaii is the most oil-dependent state in America…and this has to change!”   Governor LInda Lingle State of the State Address 2008

” We must continue to learn from our Polynesian predecessors and renew our commitment to self-sufficiency and to the protection of our precious `aina.  With the pressures of modern living, growing populations and availability of new technologies we live in a totally different world than our Polynesian ancestors. But, with proper planning, management and innovation we can begin to restore balance and harmony to our island lifestyle, and in so doing, honor those who did it so well in another time.”   Mayor Hannemann’s Energy & Sustainability Task Force Vision for a 21st Century Ahupua`a

Crucial to the success of LEAF’s programs is creating alliances with farmers, as well as urban gardeners, willing to make a sacrifice for others and go beyond their own struggle to survive in a so-called competitive marketplace.

We do not know how much longer we have to prepare the islands for local food security. In the face of a looming crisis over ‘peak oil’,  should a natural disaster strike, or with the current homeland security issues surrounding terrorism, we should not wait for a worst case scenario and depend on the limited capacity of big corporations to provide for our basic needs.

Emergency preparedness doesn’t have to consist solely on running to the local big box stores for generators, flashlights, toilet paper, canned food and bottled water.

“The splendor of a seed sprouting into delicious life-sustaining food,  is nothing short of a miracle, and that miracle must be shared with everyone, if we can even be considered compassionate human beings. It is very sad to see nations fighting over land rights, oil rights, and now over seed rights. This senseless quarelling must stop,  and progressive visionaries must come together, laulima, and plant and cultivate seeds of hope, love and trust for the benefit of  every living creature, for the survival of the earth.”

Therefore we invite all those involved in food production to humbly consider growing food for your local moku, and your local community. LEAF fosters a non-competitive business model whose mission is not finished until everyone’s inalienable right of access to local healthy fresh food is made available 365 days a year, in every town and village.

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