LEAF and IHS Keiki Garden Dedication held

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On May 18, 2009 LEAF and IHS, the Institute for Human Services along with 1st Look Exteriors and Green Living Technology dedicated a vertical wall keiki garden. His Honor the Mayor, Board members of IHS and LEAF,  donors, media and special guests attended. 

Mayor addresses guests at keiki garden dedicationspecial guests at IHS keiki garden dedicationguests at IHS garden blessingGreg and Connie  Greg Lee, CEO 1st Look Exteriors & Connie Mitchell,  IHS Executive Director

 Since the dedication, harvests are underway on a weekly basis with LEAF gardener, Kavi, a native Hawaiian healer and lover of plants. The harvest provides the IHS kitchen fresh from the garden food choices to increase the flavor and nutrition of its daily meals for their guests.

LEAF gardener, Kavi   Kavi checking health of plants  

 Julie with harvest Julie with harvest

LEAF provided the keiki with an instructional cooking demo with guest chef partner, Gokul, of Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine.

LEAF cooking demo  Chef Gokul  of Govinda’s  

 LEAF guest chef Gokul of Govinda's   Dayna, LEAF Board member, & Chef Gokul

Here are some of the items harvested so far from the vertical wall:

Malabar Spinach     Kale     Okra    Cucumbers     Basil     Mint     Dill    Stevia plant    Peppers  


Presently we are eagerly anticipating harvesting the tomatoes and eggplant in the days and weeks to come.    Gordon harvest a cucumber from the wall Gordon Ortiz, IHS Director of Facilities and Operation holding a cucumber from the wall garden     

Juliane and Ellen at the vertical wall Juliane and Ellen visit the IHS vertical wall


The IHS Keiki garden is a partner project that involves many hands working together to help facilitate a healthy food source for the shelter. The Green House is another LEAF Project partner who are providing an educational curriculum on sustainable living for the keiki  on a daily basis.