LEAF Hawaii envisions sustainable communities revitalized physically, economically, socially, culturally, and spiritually by the fruitful interaction of environmentally sensitive people with the land.

LEAF Project Hawaii’s work is not complete until there is ample fresh food production for everyone,  and the natural resources of  our precious aina are properly taken care of, on every island!  So Please Join us as a partner!

 malama aina

 Hawaii could be a model of food self-sufficiency,  as it once was,  but alas has become an importer.  There is no sound reason for this.  Hawaii should be able to provide most of its own food, with whatever is left over for export.  Hawaii can feed its own communities with fresh healthy local grown foodstuffs.

Historically, pre-contact Hawaii, was a self-sufficient community model, based on a land management system called the ahupua’aThis simple economic formula allowed the Hawaiians enough free time to spend with their families, from keiki to kupuna, (children to elders) and practice their highly evolved spiritual cultural traditions. LEAF intends to help Hawaii become more self-sufficient in local, nutritious food production while assisting at risk-populations, especially the working homeless, at-risk youth, and the active elderly, in becoming happier, more productive, more fulfilled members of society. LEAF’s strategy entails developing an alliance of organic farms, farmers, and friends to expand eco-friendly farming in the state and to experiment with training and engaging at-risk groups to work plots on pre-existing farms, other available land, and eventually LEAF-owned farms.     LEAF’s approach to farming is to apply traditional Hawaiian ahupua`a agricultural practices, since they are truly earth-friendly.  LEAF will also develop curricula and training programs for state residents with available land so that they can initiate or expand small eco-friendly farms of their own, for both family use and income production.  As LEAF expands its programs and develops a reputation as an innovative leader in eco-friendly farming and social services in Hawa`i, it will plan and raise funds for one or more organic farms of its own on which to draw upon best practices internationally and share the results with LEAF Alliance members.  In this way, LEAF will start small with less capital- and labor-intensive activities and build a track record of excellence, cooperation, and productivity before undertaking the more complex and expensive initiative of developing and working its own farms.    

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