What is a healthy food system?
The following links reveal some inspiring food systems news from the global community.

 One of our favorite web links is Peak Moment TV   where you can learn and become aware of wonderful achievements and  cutting-edge innovations in the movement toward self-sufficiency.

Why the era of cheap food is over

Food Insecurity Harms Health

The Poor Get Diabetes, the Rich Get Local and Organic

Here is a sample video from American Community Gardeners Association, beautifully done. In addressing the Ahupua’a model as a solution to food production and self-reliance, community gardens is an immediate and simple part of that solution model. This video does a great job in explaining the benefits of growing food one neighborhood at a time, through its transformative process of bringing communities together in such a positive way, giving urban gardeners a sense of ownership and empowerment. In some cities, community gardens have been initiated into the city development plan. Community Garden Video