Our principal Core Value is the Laulima  in LEAF, which means to cooperate, or many hands working together. 


As a federally recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, LEAF Hawaii has adopted and will live by the following corporate values:   

1.  The inherent dignity of all human beings and their right to food, clothing, shelter, security, and respect,  with the spirit of inclusiveness for all.

2.  The importance of being pono-treating volunteers and employees with fairness and respect by providing adequate training, courteous and clear supervision, quick and fair resolution of work-related problems, and (in the case of staff) fair wages; of working harmoniously with collaborators; of selling products and services at a fair price to the public; and of giving  a free share of all produce to the most needy in our community.

3.  The healing and supportive qualities of the aina, Mother Earth, and the conviction that if human beings care for the Earth, the Earth in turn will take care of human beings. Therefore, to  inspire love for the land, and the human values the land nourishes.

4.  The healing benefits of horticulture therapy  for all people but especially troubled or at-risk populations, regardless of age or status, derived from working on and with the Earth-farming, gardening, and animal husbandry in all its forms.

 5.  The special regard shown and techniques developed by tribal peoples  around the world, above all the Polynesian people of Hawaii, for interacting appropriately with the Earth (malama `aina)

6.   The benefits of organic farming  for both the Earth and Sea (by decreasing pollutants) and also for the human beings who consume a regular diet of healthy organic foods.

7.   The efficacy and nobility of social enterprise,  that is, making money from the goods and services sold by nonprofits as a way to support the activities and operations of charitable and other socially oriented organizations.

8.   Working properly with the Earth as a means of providing not only food but also shelter, clothing, medicine, and useful everyday products which can t serve as a holistic source for human survival and thriving.

9.   Attaining a harmonious, peaceful, sustainable society secure in its capacity to supply all its members with the basic necessities of life  by utilizing their creative energy and diverse human knowledge that transcends cultural and practical differences in pursuit of solutions by the study of the land and nature.  And finally,

10.  Laulima, collaboration in the spirit of loving cooperation,  whereby the whole is inevitably greater than the sum of the parts, as more effective in the long run, than unalloyed individualism.  While maintaining their individual identities, persons and organizations can always achieve more by making common cause with others for mutually desired goals.