"the earth provides enough for every man's needs not every man's greed"


leaftaro2Hawaii is probably the closest place on earth to Paradise.   Warm tropical climates moderated by cool trade winds, it rarely goes above 90°F (36°C)  or below  60°F (18°C).  The tropical  sun is balanced by a cool current from Alaska.  The Islands are home to various climates which run from wet to dry depending which side of the mountains you are on.

Hawaii could be a model of food self-sufficiency, as it once was, but alas has become an importer.  There is no sound reason for this.  Hawaii should be able to provide most of its own food,  with whatever is left over for export. Hawaii can feed its own communities with fresh healthy local grown foodstuffs.

“Perhaps 10,000 acres could grow all the perishable food Hawaii needs.  Unfortunately, key factors in utilizing these acres are the high cost of most agricultural land, tax laws and leasing difficulties, water, labor and transportation. You just can’t grow cucumbers on $95,000+-an-acre land!” excerpt from Price of Paradise website.

Historically, pre-contact Hawaii, was a  self-sufficient community model based on the land division called the ahupua’a Ahupua’a means a mountain to sea land division containing necessary natural resources, to sustain a substanial number of residents. This system allowed for all the basic necessities of food, shelter, cloth and medicine to be taken care of. This simple economic formula allowed the Hawaiians enough free time to spend with their families, from keiki to kupuna, (children to elders) and practice their highly evolved spiritual cultural traditions.

LEAF Hawaii envisions sustainable communities revitalized physically, economically, socially, culturally, and spiritually by the fruiful interaction of environmentally sensitive people with the land.

LEAF Hawaii serves at-risk populations, working homeless and youth and their families, as well as the elderly who can benefit from horticulture therapy.

LEAF’s philosophy of service extends to and includes all sectors of the social body, just like leaves on a tree, with its many branches. Nevertheless, until all the branches are healthy, we aim to serve the most at-risk limbs of society who need our help most.

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