2011 February

IHS/Green House/LEAF partner in a ‘Green Basics’ Horticulture Training for the Homeless

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Dulcie Marchant first graduate of 'Green Basics' Horticulture Certification

Our leading partner, IHS recently received a grant from Kaiser Permanente to begin a ‘Green Basics’ Horticulture Training program targetted for any of the shelter’s guests who are interested in learning both basic horticulture skills and pre-vocational skills that could lead to jobs in the green sector.  LEAF Executive Director,  is the recruitment specialist and pre-vocational trainer . The  program is proving to be highly successful. Our first graduate has already landed a full time job in landscaping, just 2 months into the program. This pilot project training project will graduate at least 12 trainees and be used as a model for the planned rooftop learning center at the shelter.

LEAF Project joins Ag Incubator Program at UH

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LEAF Project is participating with the UH Ag Incubator Program (AIP) at the University of Hawaii.  The AIP offers new farmers consultation and business guidance and expertise. This is a wonderful blessing as LEAF begins to develop its first farm model in cooperation with the Honolulu Community Action Program on 2 acres of lush land in beautiful Waimanalo.

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