2010 July

IHSUF Workday on Vertical Herb Wall Garden held July 16, 2010

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On July 16 , LEAF participated in a volunteer workday with our partners at the IHS Urban Farm, (IHSUF), replanting the vertical herb garden. Gordon, Joser, Kavi, and David spent the previous day preparing the wall.  All the cells of the wall were taken down and cleaned up, all the old plants were transferred into new containers or composted. The following day IHS guest volunteers, staff and LEAF volunteers  spent a solid 5 hours replanting 1000 or so new plantings . The herb wall will be ready in the upcoming weeks to once again provide the IHS kitchen with  a fresh variety of healthy herbs in their recipes. Many thanks to everyone who came to lend a most helpful hand. God bless and see you again soon. Next volunteer workday is on August 14 at 9:00 am., which is IHS’ Founders Day. Contact David at 389-819 if you plan to volunteer.