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LEAF Food Sustainability Conference 2008

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conference held at the beautiful KEY Project headquarters in Kahaluu lunch with guest speakersbook signing at Borders bookstore

On July 30, 2008 LEAF Project held a very successful Food Sustainability Conference with a very well attended 90 people participating.  The conference was held at KEY Project in Kahaluu and LEAF is indebted to John Repuun and all the staff at KEY Project for their help in providing such a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere.

Keynote speaker was Mr. Mark Winne, author of  “Closing the Food Gap- Resetting the Table in the Land of Plenty”. Other guest speakers included Senator Russell Kokubun, Chairman of the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Task Force,  Keith Rollman, Mayor Hanneman’s Sustainabiility Advisor,  Professors Theodore Radovich and Hector Valenzuela from UH’s CTAHR program, Professor of Political Science,  George Kent,  who has worked as a consultant with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Other speakers included Connie Mitchell, Executive director of IHS, Institute for Human Services, who inspired us with her presentation on the need for the homeless to have access to a healthy food system, Pamela Roy,  farmers market and food policy advocate and Illene Pevec,  award winning community garden  expert.

Lunch was provided by chef Gokul  of Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant. Shawn Steiman, a local barista and author of  “The Hawaii Coffee Book” served his fresh organic coffee brew troughout the day to keep everyone alert.

plant dedication

The conference has proven to be a success by inspiring some of the attendees to help LEAF move forward with its goal to help ‘solve hunger one garden, one farm at a time”. We look forward to organizing more summits that can address this important issue of island wide food security for our local population.

Big Mahalo to all the participants who made this event memorable and inspiring, educational, and healthy and tasty for all.

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